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Flavoured Cider

Growers Raspberry Cider - 2L Bottle

Deep red, full vine ripened flavor, accompanied by the refreshing aroma of perfectly ripened raspberries.
Unlike conventional European cider, “Extra” is refreshing, crisp and “snappy,” like biting into a firm, ripe Okanagan Valley apple. Extra is made with premium quality apples in the cider blend to accentuate the authentic apple character.
Savanna Dry Premium Cider is an all-natural cider with a light golden colour and it is medium to light in body. It has fresh apple aromas with hints of citrus on the nose. Savanna Dry is slightly tart with a crisp and refreshing taste. A lemon wedge in the neck is considered a perfect serve.
Medium rose-pink colour with an amber hue; pronounced aromas of fresh cherry, cassis and blackberry syrup with underlying apple and earthy notes; sweet, rich and rounded on the palate, with overt flavours of blackberry syrup and a pleasant apple fruit finish.
Apple Cider

Strongbow Cider - 500 ml Can

Strongbow Cider is made from a carefully selected blend of 50 different types of traditional cider apples which gives it a dry, crisp, balanced taste. It's a refreshing, gluten free alternative to Flavoured Alcohol Beverages. Strongbow provides a refreshing and elevated taste experience for non-traditional beer drinkers. This beverage pairs well with...
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