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Cooler - Spirit Based lees than 7%

Includes 4 cans each of American Vintage Hard Iced Tea with Peach, Hard Iced Tea with Raspberry, Hard Iced Tea with Lemon, Hard Iced Tea with Green Tea
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Imagine natural Peach paired with a premium vodka Soda. That's Cottage Springs Ontario Peach Vodka Soda. Small batch crafted with care, prefect for any occasion. Only 99 calories, sugar and sweetener free and still 5% alcohol.
Pale orange in colour. Bright blood orange citrus notes with balanced acidity. Balanced tequila mid palate. Crisp and refreshing finish.
Georgian Bay Gin Smash is a crisp and refreshing blend of natural lemon, lime and tangerine flavours, with a light mint finish. It's lightly carbonated and not to sweet.
On one hand you've got sweet, on the other hand you've got tart. Right in the middle is Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade. From cranberry fields and lemon orchards, the perfect combination is together at last.
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