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The easy drinking taste of Bud Light brewed with a splash of 100% natural lime flavor. The result is a crisp, clean beer that’s refreshing and perfect for sharing with friends. Bud Light Lime a summer state of mind anytime. 4.0% alcohol"

Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer

Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer is authentically brewed with locally grown Jamaican ginger, considered to be the finest in the world. The time-honoured Jamaican recipe creates a uniquely crisp and refreshing full-bodied ginger taste.
Stiegl Radler is half Stiegl Goldbrau Lager & half grapefruit juice made with purely natural flavours. What makes Radlers so popular is their sophisticated, perfectly rounded and fruity taste. Lower in calories, light and refreshing at only 75 calories per half pint and only 2.5% alc/vol. The purity of Stiegl with the purity of grapefruit juice.
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